7 days to stabilise your blood glucose

Stabilising your blood glucose is an excellent way to improve your health and well being. It reduces feelings of tiredness, sluggishness after snacks and hunger cravings between meals.

Stabilising your blood glucose also helps with diabetes control, aides weight loss and promotes weight maintenance.

The key is eating low glycaemic food, reducing the glycemic load of meals and reducing the added sugar in your diet. This reduces the sugar highs and lows which cause you to feel tired and crave sugary food.

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I have designed a week’s course to enable you to stabilise your blood glucose and help you achieve control over your intake of sugar. I will teach you to be in control of your blood glucose.

For just £2 or $2.50 a day you will get a full meal plan, recipes and shopping list PLUS daily e-mails from me through the week to give you motivation. By the end of the week you’ll have enough information so that you can be in control of your blood glucose for life.

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