Nutritional Analysis

This is a fantastic service for people who want to know if they are meeting their nutritional requirements, both in terms of macro-nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fat as well as micronutrients: vitamins and minerals. There are so many conflicting messages out there, I have developed this so that you can find out if your diet is providing you with everything you need. It will also highlight any components of your diet that exceed the recommended amounts.

It is particularly useful if you cut foods out of your diet either through necessity or choice. People with multiple allergies, vegans and vegetarians can benefit.

Nutritional Analysis Package steps

  1. Let Kate know your details (including date of birth, weight, height, gender, activity level and dietary preferences) via e-mail
  2. Submit a 5 day food diary
  3. The diary will be analysed specifically for you.
  4. Receive a personalised report which summarises your nutritional intake over the 5-day period. The report is detailed and scientific. Kate explains everything in a clear and understandable way. Any deficits or excesses are highlighted and explained.
Report close up
Snapshot of a report

This is a completely non-judgemental service. It is simply an analysis of what you are eating and guidance on whetherย you are optimising your nutritional status. Foods are suggested when a deficit has been identified.

The more information received, the more accurate the report will be. Ideally you will weigh everything you eat for the 5 day period. Aย food diary is provided to fill in.

Price: ยฃ39.99 or $51.49

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